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For what age group are your materials appropriate?

Our Learning with Yaya® songs are appropriate for all ages. The educational videos and books are appropriate for children 2 years and up. Most of the concepts presented in our products are typically acquired during the preschool years. However, since not all children master language skills at the same time, a specific age range is not determined. 

How are your materials different than the ones already available?

All our Learning with Yaya® materials were designed by a bilingual speech and language pathologist with one target in mind: facilitate speech and language development. We offer a complete set of tools to target important language skills. Most subjects include a book, a video, coloring sheets, and a song about the subject, which provides a fun and easy way to teach children the concepts and vocabulary they need to learn.  Furthermore, our books, other than reinforce literacy skills, can be used as a "sing along" book, a great activity, especially if you limit your child's use of tech devices. 


My child does not have a speech or language delay. Are your materials appropriate for him/her?

Absolutely! Learning with Yaya® videos, songs, and books are designed to stimulate language development. So even if your child does not have a language delay, the materials will facilitate and contribute to his/her speech and language development. They are also great for children learning English or Spanish as a second language.

Were can I purchase your books?

All our Learning with Yaya® books are available on Amazon. Just click here. 

At what age should my child be able to respond correctly to the questions in the educational videos?

The following table shows at what age children typically acquire the skills targeted in the different videos.



1.5-2.3 years

Uses present progressive-ing (i.e. eating)

1.5-2 years

Basic categorization skills emerge. By age two children begin to recognize and sort objects by shape and color

2-3 years

Answers question “what’s… doing?"

2.5-3 years

Uses pronouns he/she

2-4 years

Understands and uses a variety of descriptive concepts (i.e big, slow, empty, open)

3-3.5 years

Uses “be” verb + present progressive-ing (i.e. is eating)

3-4 years

Identifies/labels basic colors

4 years

Understands the concept “opposite”

4-5 years

Knows letters and numbers

4-5 years

Recognizes words with the same beginning sound

5 years

Recognizes letters and makes letter/sound associations


The following chart indicates at what age children generally master the production of the different speech sounds.