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Throughout my years of experience working as a Speech and Language Pathologist, I've come to realize that most children have one thing in common: they all love music and watching videos!
Being a music lover myself, I've always dreamed about merging the two things that I'm passionate about: teaching and music. This is how Learning with Yaya was born.
I've created a series of videos, songs, and books that will help your child develop basic language skills. Your child will learn colors, opposites, action words, letters, and categories, through repetition and association, all while having fun!
My educational products are not only great for developing language skills, but they are also very useful for children learning English or Spanish as a second language.
The videos, songs and books are also extremely helpful for children receiving speech and language therapy, as they can be used as support material within sessions or at home.
I truly hope you enjoy them!  

Yael Herszkopf Mayer MS, CCC-SLP is a pediatric, bilingual (English/Spanish) Speech and Language Pathologist.She received her Masters of Science degree in Speech and Language Pathology- Bilingual Extension from Teachers College, Columbia University, and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Clinical Psychology from Universidad de Iberoamérica in Costa Rica. For more information about her private practice, please visit  Speech 

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