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TIPS for parents

Here you will find a few tips that will help you create the best learning experience for your child, while watching the educational videos.

  • Encourage your child to engage in the activities by saying “show me” or “tell me,” or by asking “do you know?”
  • Feel free to pause the video after a question, and/or to repeat the question if you think your child needs more time to respond.
  • Always reinforce your child after he/she completes an activity by saying "good job!" "you got it!" or by giving him/her a high five.
  • If your child responds to the questions incorrectly, tell him/her "nice try!" and then show him/her the correct answer.
  • Since every child’s attention span is different, the videos are segmented by portions of the song. If your child looses his/her attention, feel free to stop the video and continue watching it later on. 
  • Take advantage of every instance in the video to support you child's language skills:
    • Label the animals, colors or shapes observed in the transitions. 
    • Try to repeat the target words as much as possible. For example, after your child identifies the glass that's "full" say something like "Yes! That glass is FULL!"
    • If your child responds quickly to the questions, ask him/her to identify or label other objects present on the screen. For example, after your child identifies which glass is "full" (and he/she is reinforced), point to the other glass and say "That one is...?" Wait for your child to respond, and if he/she doesn't know the answer say "This one is EMPTY!"
  • Last, but not least... Remember to have fun!!! Laugh, smile, and engage with your child as much as possible!